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It's very important that before a shoot at ‘undercover’ you take a while to consider how you want to portray yourself. Spend a little time in front of the mirror trying different expressions and looks, let your confidence shine out.
Hector has over twenty years experience in posing women to look their very best, and he’s quite used to working with inexperienced subjects. Stay calm and you’ll soon be comfortable and having fun.
It might seem an odd thing to say but it’s always best to have your hair done a day or two before the shoot. It sits better and you’re more used to it. The same goes for tanning, make-up, etc, all these things take time and can put you under time pressure on the day.
If you’re shaving armpits, legs, etc, try to do it the evening before the shoot, and use a fresh blade. Razor burn and shaving rash never look good.
Bring along some nice lingerie that’s going to add to your special look and drive your partner wild. There are some outfits at the studio you can use but please bring a flesh-coloured Gstring for hygiene reasons. Your favourite dressing gown is nice to have there on the day for your comfort and convenience.
You might want to bring a friend along for support and help. That’s fine but make sure to let them know what you’re trying to project, it can make you very self-conscious if they’re not prepared.
‘undercover’ is not a makeover service so your normal ‘going out’ make-up is fine. A professional MUA can be booked separately if you feel you require one.

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