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What is 'undercover'

'undercover' is the bespoke photography service offered by Hector Heathwood to the discerning client. Hector brings more than thirty years experience of worldwide publication to tailoring original and unique images, exclusively for his patrons.

While you may have seen Hector's personal work exhibited in Ireland, Europe, the US or UK, or in international magazines, this is not how 'undercover' work is used. ‘undercover’ is a discreet and customised sensuous portrait service. It’s about you creating stunning images for you and, possibly, your partner to enjoy. There is, though, a specialised 'Magazine Package' available.

This is not a ‘makeover’ or ‘boudoir’ service. The images are individually crafted of you looking the way you want to and letting your beauty and glamour shine out. They’re more about how your partner sees you.

Your privacy is assured and the pictures you create are guaranteed to be polished and alluring while remaining tasteful and flattering. They are never made public by 'undercover', except the 'Magazine Package'. All the images on this site are from Hector's personal work.

'undercover' invites you look around its multiple galleries and decide whether their style of photography is suitable for your vision.

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