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Sandie, Holistic Therapist
Having always admired Hector's beautiful portraits of beautiful ladies, I jumped at the chance to participate in one of his shoots, I was initially extremely nervous and a little bit apprehensive, having had breast cancer a few years before and following surgery and treatment I was left with some scaring and what I felt dramatic changes in shape which had effected my confidence immensely, I had been very shy and protective over my body since and never imagined I would have the confidence to pose for photo's, Hector made this such an easy thing to do, he was reassuring encouraging and a complete gentleman to boot! He made the whole day a fun and very enjoyable experience which I am looking forward to repeating! I found seeing the results a really emotional process! I had been so low on confidence before that nothing prepared me for the resulting images! They where amazing and so elegantly produced, I cried I laughed I jumped and screamed a little! I am so proud of my shots, I never dreamed I would feel that feminine and sexy again! All in all I found the entire shoot a beautiful empowering and fun experience!

Sasha, Educator
I had long admired Hector's work before I ever had a shoot with him, and so it is safe to say that I was nervous! However, I was immediately put at ease after meeting him at the studio, I was made to feel really comfortable without a hint of awkwardness and the relaxed atmosphere makes it a delight. As with most women I had my insecurities and body worries but they never even entered my mind during my shoot due to Hector's extremely encouraging nature, he is great for any lady's ego!!!
As a person with cystic fibrosis I have the added extra of scarring and posture issues as well as a severe lack of flexibility, again none of this is ever a worry during a shoot with Hector as he always finds ways to work around those issues without me even noticing for a second. All of the shots are the highest quality and his prints are most definitely something to be proud of. On those days where my body seems to be against me, with illness and fatigue, one look at the work with Hector and I automatically feel more comfortable in my skin. 
A shoot with Hector is something that every woman should experience at least once in her life, to create beautiful images that she can keep forever , it gives your partner complete bragging rights over how fantastic you are and will be fantastic to look back on as time goes by ! My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner!!!!

Lisa, Social Care Worker

Talented, experienced photographer, with his own unique style. This is a safe, creative, artistic and welcoming space......I felt totally relaxed here and had a right laugh. The time just flew! I have a beautiful collection of photographs, I would highly recommend a shoot here.

Danielle, Performer and Physical Instructor

As an aspiring burlesque performer and instructor for me promoting body confidence and loving the skin you’re in is very important. I have grown to love my body and all the incredible things that it can do for me. Yes, I have wobbly bits but that’s what makes me who I am and sets me apart from the crowd. I have been through some tough times in my life where I have hated my body and in turn caused untold damage to my mental health resulting in physical harm and mental breakdown. But now, through burlesque and my performing as Missy Fortune I have gained enough confidence to allow myself to think I am beautiful. Hector’s photographs are images that I can look at and say to myself ‘that is you’ and ‘yes, you look amazing’. Hector is a kind, caring and 100% professional photographer. His good nature is relaxing and reassuring and his knowledge of lighting is amazing; also his body awareness and compositions are incredible. Not to mention, he makes a mean cuppa and is always ready for a lovely relaxing natter. I urge any lady who feels insecure, or that she is not enough, to allow yourself some kindness and treat yourself to a shoot with this incredible man and I can guarantee your confidence will soar!

Annie, Senior Accounts Manager
Before I met Hector I had just entered into a new phase of my life. I had spent 2 years going from 16 stone to 10 stone! It was a long, arduous journey and while I had lost all the weight I wanted I hadn't gained any of the confidence I had wanted to. I had heard from a few friends that they had done photography shoots with Hector and I should try it! Sure why not? I had lost this weight and I should be now confident in my body. From the moment I walked into the room with Hector he made me feel at ease. I had spent the last 20 odd years hiding my body and was ashamed of it and it was hard to put on (God FORBID) clothes that made me feel sexy! But Hector spoke to me respectfully and was charming and made me feel safe and for once SEXY!! I loved every minute, it was my moment in the spotlight and Hector was the guiding light throughout the whole process. I would recommend to ANYONE that needs a good confidence boost to do a shoot with Hector. He doesn't judge on shape or size but instead picks out the qualities in you as a person have and brings them to the fore. I thank Hector for everything he did for me.

Jo Graphic Designer
Doing a photo shoot with Hector Heathwood Undercover goes down for me as one of the best things I have ever done for myself.Having just hit forty and being a mum I was not feeling very attractive. Although my partner has always reassured me that he thought I looked great, deep down I could not still my inner critical voice that said the opposite.
I had seen some friends’ photographs they had had done and I became interested in doing a private Boudoir-style shoot for me. I looked up various Boudoir photographers and their styles and finally came to the opinion that Hector Heathwood’s photography was what I wanted. Stylish, sexy and sophisticated.
I was nervous about the idea of getting these shots done by a male photographer but, when I thought about it, who would do a better job? Also I wasn’t very comfortable with the notion of trying to look sexy in front of another woman, I didn’t want the girly style images they tend to offer.
The photoshoot flew in, although it actually lasted two hours, and Hector was totally professional and reassuring. We spoke for a while about what I wanted from the shoot and chose outfits I was comfortable with. It was great fun once I was over the initial nerves and I was soon posing like a natural, Hector’s directions, lighting and encouragement made me feel like the star of the show.
I was able to see the shots he took on the back of the camera as we went along, but that didn’t prepare me for the final pictures. I was bowled over, I looked sensational, like a confident, sexy woman. I felt so empowered in myself and my image. When I showed them to my partner he said that that was exactly like he saw me and we spent hours looking at them and really appreciating just who I was.
Would I recommend doing a shoot with Undercover, yes yes yes! I have no regrets and plenty of very happy memories, plus I have a set of striking images that I can proudly show off to my friends, if they’re lucky!

Shadier, Model & Counsellor

I have had the pleasure of working with Hector on a number of occasions and the results are phenomenal every single time! He always goes out of his way to make his models feel comfortable and will pose you with precision for the most flattering images. The studio has the most beautiful variety of costumes and shoes with a range of styles to suit everybody. If you're looking to feel sexy and glamorous, a shoot with Hector is definitely the way to go!

Kat, Makeup Artist
I was quite excited working with Hector Heathwood as I have seen his work many times and was a big fan of his work. I have done two photo shoots with him, that have turned out great! My first one was was a classic glam/fetish red corset's alot of Glamour and red lipstick! Our second shoot was very playful 50's inspired but very classic at the same but very modern. Working with Hector was a real pleasure he is very professional really easy going, and made me feel at ease and very comfortable I think as a woman it’s good to be comfortable with your sexuality and body and embrace every aspect of it. Doing this shoot has made me feel empowered as a woman, feeling sexy, and beautiful and has giving me the push to do a lot more modeling, as I am doing now.

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Tamaryn, Artist
Hector has the ability to put you at ease in a fun and relaxed setting. I was able to let go of my nervousness and with his guidance, I was able to exude confidence and sexiness and felt liberated which really showed in the finished pictures.

Helen, Marketing Manager
I have done several shoots with Hector over the years, and it is the most enjoyable and fun experience every time. A total professional and absolute gentleman! The shots Hector takes are always perfection, he captures something special, and has incredible intuition and eye, and every shot he has taken of me blows me away.

Jocelyn, Model/Makeup Artist
I was delighted to get the opportunity to get to work with Hector Heathwood recently, I was a big fan of his work for a long time and had always thought his photography captured the true beauty of women. I wanted some boudoir/ art nude shots for my portfolio and knew I would get some amazing images working with Hector. Hector is a pleasure to shoot with, he is very relaxed and goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable, and makes a great cup of tea! Not only is he lots of fun to work with, there is a wonderful amount of costumes and props to use in his studio! After the shoot I received my images within no time at all, I was so happy with the results. They were sexy and sensual but very tasteful at the same time, Hector is extremely good with lightning and knows exactly how to compliment feminine curves. I highly recommend working with Hector to anyone looking for beautiful images and if you want to work with a lovely guy!

Bonnie, Online Trainer and Student Services Rep
I have had the pleasure of being photographed by Hector on two separate occasions. And if I hadn't moved back to Australia I'd be nagging him to shoot me again! Each time he made me feel comfortable and at easy, with his professional yet fun approach. I am always nervous before a shoot and I have a few body parts that I feel self conscious about. But Hector is so lovely and patient and always made me feel confident. As for the photos - wowsers! I am so happy with the photos from both my shoots and I always look back at them and smile. They make me feel so sexy and I think it’s important for woman to feel sexy! I've been photographed by a few different photographers both in Sydney and abroad and Hector is one of the best photographers I've ever come across.

Dolly, Confectioner
After working with Hector in the studio and seeing the beautiful photographs, my confidence in myself sky rocketed and I felt like I could be comfortable being sexy. While in the studio, I felt a 100% comfortable and whatever nerves I initially had, soon disappeared.

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Nikki, PA
Like many, I have admired Hector Heathwood’s work for years. I dabbled in modeling for a few years and the thoughts of getting the chance to work with him were always a bit of a dream! My friend and then time model, Suki Syndrome, who had worked with him many times, told me I should absolutely get in touch with him. She regaled me with stories of him traipsing up ladders in his socks to get the right shot and endless laughter and banter. I however still feeling rather unworthy as I wasn’t a model in the official sense, merely a creative soul with a bit of sass, never got the balls to contact him. It took me commenting on a picture about giving my left arm to work with the chap for me to one day receive a message from him saying he would very much like me to keep both my arms and lets do a shoot with both of them, losing one was not necessary! I have since worked with Hector 4 times. Hector shoots are special occasions. I have arrived at his studio shattered from long hours at work and late night shows and a lack of sleep. I have left every time with a spring in my step and a big smile on my face. Working with Hector is good for your overall health and wellbeing! It’s also good for you as a model because I have definitely learnt most of what I know from him. His direction is clear, challenging and always, you can trust it and him 100%. So, his work. If you’re reading this you have seen it. You know what I am going to say here. Hector succeeds in making every woman he works with look like Hollywood royalty. Every picture he publishes and gives you is 100% quality and your beauty. Even when you don’t see it, he does. What I love most about Hector’s work I think is how he captures people’s faces and silhouettes. Every time he gets the pose/expression/moment where you look your best, your absolute drop dead gorgeousness. And this is not super duper make up and special effects, its Hector and his what I can only call – his magic! When your pictures are ready Hector gives them to you face to face. If you’re lucky Alice is there too. A lovely extra of working with Hector is also getting to know his partner Alice. She is quite simply one of the loveliest people I have ever met, inside and out. Your package will contain his favorite prints and then a cd of the whole shoot. A treasure trove for any model, or any woman in general really. These photos are also something looked forward to also by my partner Lee. When I am trundling off to a shoot with Hector I can almost feel his smiles, he knows what is going to come back will be tremendous, and lots of fun for him to admire too! I always send on one or two just for him. So with all that, I cannot say enough good things about Hector. Quite simply, the man is legend.

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Amy, Cosplayer
I had a lot of fun shooting with Hector. He has a wonderful sense of humor which puts you at ease. Hector really brings out your fun and wild side! If you are new to modeling and worry about running out of posing ideas Hector will be there to suggest poses (which you are comfortable with) setting backgrounds and props. He sure does make your photos very creative! He also brings out the passion of each model he shoots as when I received my photos my passion for the costumes were really expressed. Even though Hector focuses his work mainly on erotic photographer he will always portray models in a tasteful light. The photos were received very positive. I had beautiful and proud photos to share with the world. Hector will also give you high quality prints as well as digital photos. He is not just an excellent photographer but also a wonderful host who will give you cups of tea, will take care of you if you are tired during a shoot. I would highly recommend Hector Heathwood if you are looking for a classy twist to add to your portfolio.

Jenny, PhD
The experience of doing three shoots with Hector Heathwood has greatly enhanced my self-esteem and has led me to view my body in a more positive way. The photographer offered a safe, relaxed space in which to try out different poses and facial expressions, with expert guidance on how to look one's best in front of the camera. The resulting photographs are strikingly beautiful and elegant in style and I was more than happy with every shoot!

Kellieanne, Shop Assistant /Lab Technician
I had the pleasure of working with hector on several fetish shoots over the years, he is always professional and great fun to work with, as I am now in photography hectors work has been pride of place in my portfolio and is the most complimented I would work with him again and again and never get bored.

Aoife, Legal Executive
I was lucky enough to do my first photo shoot with Hector, who put me utterly at my ease and built my confidence up allowing me to relax and really enjoy the shoot. Hector is a complete gent and a wonderful photographer, creating pictures I will always treasure. His demeanor is that of an old world gent and I would never hesitate recommending him to friends who want a little something special for their partners, or themselves.

Mehreen, PhD
The first time I had a photoshoot with Hector, I was excited but also nervous. I was never really fond of looking at the camera & I was always quite critical of my body image. The shoot turned out to be such an enjoyable & relaxed experience; it made me actually grow to enjoy looking at the camera while feeling comfortable in my skin! Hector was very professional to work with & great at giving direction which made it a very comfortable environment to work in. I loved the final photos & was really happy that I did not find a single flaw with myself looking at those photos (which had never happened before). I always have Hector's photos as my Facebook cover photos as a reminder for days when I don't have the most confidence. Oh and needless to say, my husband loves the photos too!

Jimmy, IT Manager
I was over the moon when my wife did her first photoshoot with Hector. As an amateur photographer myself I was aware of Hector's work and his standing in the photography community and I looked forward to seeing the results with some anticipation. My wife was delighted to be asked but understandably nervous, it was going to be her first ever photoshoot and she had concerns about her body and being exposed. I didn't stay for the photoshoot as I felt that would not be fair on either Hector or my wife but when I arrived afterwards, in my role as taxi, Hector kindly brought me in to the studio for some tea and biscuits where he showed us some early views of the photo's and made us feel very welcome and completely at home. When she received the photos my wife loved the results and they had a hugely positive effect on both her confidence and body image. While I love the photos for what they are it is the gift of helping my wife feel good about herself that really made this special. I cannot recommend Hector highly enough. He is a truly special artist and wonderful person.

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Sarah, Visual Arts Critic
I have been working with Hector Heathwood for the last five years. Every shoot was a wonderful experience. I have never worked with a more professional photographer. I am always greeted warmly. The atmosphere while work with Hector is consistently relaxed and comfortable, even with nerves it was not long before I had forgotten about them, I love all of my photographs and the experience of each shoot. The photos are sexy, sassy, classy and empowering. The beautiful images have been a great confidences boost to this day and changed how I look at myself for the better. I had so much fun every time I would do it again in a heart beat.

Ciara, Business Management
Shooting with Hector for the first time, for me was an amazing experience that not only boosted my confidence from that point on in many different aspects but also was the fundamental stepping stone in what was to become a robust career in modelling for me, fulfilling childhood dreams I never imagined could come true. This was all achievable I believe, mainly through the exceptional quality of the photographs I received from Hector not to mention the confidence as a model he instilled in me. Considering I had met Hector on only one brief occasion prior to our shoot, I felt instantly at home in the studio being handed a friendly cup of tea, chatting and joking and being reassured I could have as long as I possibly needed to get ready, and taking fashion tips from the man himself from his extensive wardrobe collection. Girls...he even showed me one makeup tip that I still use today!!! When I think about shooting with Hector, my memory of each time is filled with laughter, and being advised into strange posing positions that inevitably always turned out looking like something I had definitely seen in fashion magazines! After shooting with Hector a few times I landed myself some pretty impressive work from my portfolio. I worked on various advertising campaigns internationally and even featured on Xpose and I truly believe I would have never had a doorway into this work if it wasn’t for the confidence Hector gave me. After I shot with him I went into other shoots in the mind frame of 'well I've already worked with the best so this will be easy' He is an exceptional talent who's work is timeless and in a class of its own. Any woman who can have a chance to experience shooting with Hector no matter what the reason being, whether it's to pursue a career or to see themselves in a way they never imagined, even just to make memories that will last a lifetime, they should grab it because it's not often an opportunity like this comes around.

Natalia, Marketing Specialist
I had several photoshoots with Hector between 2006 and 2010. Every time it was amazing an experience. Hector is very professional at what he does. It can be a real challenge to relax during a sexy photoshoot, but Hector is very good at creating the right atmosphere. He is very good at directing a model as to which position to take. From there, it is easy to start improvising by yourself. Every time Hector gives me my finished pictures I feel very grateful as every girl needs a reminder how sexy she is. It is great to find a photographer that keeps working at a particular photography style. There is nothing worse then ending up doing a photoshoot following a standard template of poses. Hector keeps bringing new ideas to your photoshoot every time you come back to get new pictures done. I enjoy to come back to get more pictures done. I can then compare them as the time goes on and see that I am constantly changing, but my sexiness is always there. It is thanks to Hector’s ability to bring the best of your looks to the photographs. Studio is always very comfortable, nice music on the background, soft light. Hector always shows you the pictures during little breaks, which inspires you to do more, pose even better and have more fun with it. I would like to say thank you for these amazing experiences. Needless to say, your man is blown away when he sees your pictures!

Tracey, Hairdresser
I have had the pleasure of working with Hector many times over the past 15 years. His level of professionalism creates an environment where I always felt comfortable enough to give my best while being guided by someone who knows how to bring out the best in me. I love having these pictures to look back on as they always make me feel very beautiful and feminine. I will always look forward to working with Hector and his unique approach to his subject matter.

LULU, Musician and Vintage Retail
Hector is one of the few photographers whom I completely trust. He has a real eye for bringing out the feminine beauty, and is a thorough professional with a lot of respect for the client's personal style. I usually focus on fashion photography, so I'm very picky when it comes to nudes and semi-nudes, and would only work with people that I'm completely comfortable with. I'm very pleased with my photos, and feel that they've shown me in my best light! In addition it was a lovely session, very relaxed, efficient and confidence-boosting. I would shoot with Hector again anytime in a heartbeat.

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Kora, Burlesque Performer, currently studying for BA in English drama and film.
Working with Hector is always a pleasure and an honour. From the first time we shot together, I have only gained confidence and started to like, if not almost love, the flaws that I think I have. The results never disappoint and coupled with the professional manner with which he carries himself, working with Hector is never a chore. He is considerate of the model and thus there will always be a tea break when needed. There is no experience essential as he will direct the model as required. If by the end of the session the model doesn't feel elevated, then the final results definitely will!

Shir Madness, Burlesque Performer, Hula Hooper, Model
I remember seeing Hector Heathwood's work all over my social media pages when I started being involved with the burlesque scene in Dublin. I was quite envious of all the performers who had had the chance to be photographed by him, and loved the images they created together. When I finally went to have my first shoot with Hector I was extremely nervous, I had very little experience with modelling and like most women I wasn't very comfortable with my body. I was also quite nervous to be working with a man, but with his professionalism and politeness he was able to make me feel at ease straight away. We discussed what images we wanted to get and decided on outfits. He has an impressive selection of costumes and props, and the hardest part of the shoot was choosing only a few! Hector knows exactly how to direct the model so that she will look her best, and it was very relaxing to not have to worry about coming up with poses, but simply follow his instructions. After our shoot I became more confident and started doing a lot more modelling, for photographers and life drawing sessions. A year later Hector's photos are still the ones I use on my performer CV and promotional material. He is simply the best at what he does.

Magdalena, Holistic Massage Therapist
Presently I am a full time mommy and I had the pleasure to be photographed by Hector 5 times over the years and every time he made me happy. Well, I am not this type of skinny model and I am conscious about my body. But Hector knows like nobody else how to show what is the best in you. Seeing my pictures, I couldn't believe how beautiful I am! In these pictures even imperfections look perfect! Real confidence boost for every woman. Friends asked me who created these beautiful photographs... and I bet they were a bit jealous. If you ever asked me to describe Hector in one word that will definitely be: gentleman! Cause he is 100% in my imagination of the 'old school' classy guy! Professionalism is also clearly visible... he guides the model during the shoot and I think it's very helpful, especially if you have no experience in front of camera. Working with him is a pleasure. 5 stars photographer!  

Danielle, Sales Assistant
Well I can tell you in all honesty that I absolutely loved my photoshoot with Hector. From the moment I arrived I felt safe, comfortable and happy, and that feeling stayed with me all the way through the shoot!! Everything about this experience is amazing from the female-friendly music playing to the impressive range of wardrobe options to the separate changing area and bathroom (sounds strange but not every studio has one!) I also loved the wonderful fun atmosphere that Hector creates during a shoot. I personally prefer a male photographer, in the same way I prefer a male doctor. I'd be very self conscious with a woman, and I found that I felt confident and happy working with Hector. And when I saw the photos, (which were beautifully presented btw) I was so happy I could have cried! I loved every photo and I NEVER say that about pictures of myself! My fiance loved them too, he has one on his phone, one up on the wall in work and one framed on the mantlepiece!! Needless to say, I am thrilled!! X

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Sarah, Office Manager
I had my first Photo shoot with Hector in around 2005/6. I had never done anything like it before. A good friend of mine had photo’s taken with Hector and from the first moment I saw them I loved them! They were beautiful, sexy, and looked like so much fun! What struck me about the photo’s was how Hector was able to bring some of my friends personality into the photo’s which made them truly unique. Having chatted with Hector about a photoshoot of my own, I remember being mostly reassured. For as long as I can remember, I’ve hated having my photo taken! A million things went through my head! ‘what would I wear’, ‘will my legs look big’, ‘will my belly look big’. ‘I hate my smile’.. and a million other thoughts that go through most womens heads at some stage or another. Hector chatted with me, over a lovely cuppa and some biscuits, about some of the different types of photos or styles we could go for. I remember feeling not shy or worried, but excited and although nervous, very comfortable that Hector would make pictures for me like the ones my friend had. After the chat, we arranged a date and a time and it was all go. On the day of the photoshoot, I turned up to the studio. When I first saw the set up of lights etc, I became a bit nervous as the realisation set in that I was about to get out of my nice comfy jeans and into an Alice in Wonderland outfit that would leave a bit less to the imagination! There were so many outfits to choose from. As would be the case for many a shoot after my first one with Hector, it was all very light hearted, constantly reassuring and most of all!! FUN! I’m not one to wear heels every day and ever the gentleman, Hector brought a chair into the set to allow me to put my shoes on where the photo’s would be taken, and offered a hand to escort me back to my seat after a set of shots for fear I might fall over! A couple of poses later, and I was into a new outfit, a black corset and fishnet stockings. A new look and new nerves, but again, Hector made sure I was comfortable, gave me plenty of time to relax into the shoot, and ultimately gave me so much confidence! There were no nerves. The entire experience was so relaxed full of chat and laughs. A short time later a new set of nerves arrived when I got a call from Hector to invite me to go and see the finished product. I was so worried about how I would look. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the feeling when I opened the box of prints! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I looked amazing! Shot after shot each photo was better than the one before! I wanted to show everyone! Its a feeling every woman should have. To feel absolutely beautiful, sexy, and confident about how they look. Again, following these nerves, Hector was there with a cup of tea, a smile and a laugh (likely more biscuits too). I’ve returned to Hectors Studio time and time again. I’ve introduced friends to Hector and each time loved the photo’s. I even returned to Hectors Studio to have a photoshoot with my friend who initially introduced me to Hectors photos. Hector is a true gentleman. There’s no doubt that he knows what makes a photo sexy, beautiful, sensual or erotic. He very clearly has so much experience and has worked with so many different models of all shapes and sizes. His professionalism was very reassuring. I never felt like I couldn’t try a pose or a look. Hector directed me through the whole process. I know 100% I will never look at a photo Hector has taken of me and not feel really good about it. There’s nobody else I would trust to place me in the most ideal outfit, set up, lighting or pose. I’ve posed sometimes thinking ‘This can’t look sexy!!’ but sure enough, when I got the photo’s back, I looked amazing. I’ve been comfortable enough to have Hector take Topless and nearly nude photo’s of me for the man in my life who adores the results! These have been amazing personal gifts from me to him as a couple. I look forward to my next photoshoot with Hector. Its fun, exciting, and most of all builds huge confidence. Thank you Hector!

Char, Receptionist
I honestly didn't know what to expect meeting Hector for a photoshoot. I'd seen nothing but beautiful artistic images and wasn't sure if I had what it took to work with him. Meeting Hector was an absolutely fantastic experience. From start to finish the whole day was an amazing time. Hector is an absolute professional who knows just how to put you at ease,calm your nerves and bring out your full potential through his gorgeous images. As soon as I saw the photos I was blown away...surely this couldn't be me?! I'd gone from a shy timid self conscious girl to a sexy, empowered, strong woman right in front of him. Since that day I’ve noticed a change in how I perceive myself and I try to spread my confidence everyday. My mam and dad were incredibly supportive of working with Hector, they loved his work and thought the photos of me were beautiful. I don't regret for one minute ever working with Hector.

Foxie P Cox, Dance Instructor
Hector Heathwood is always a pleasure to work with, He is extremely professional and puts you at ease immediately. I love how quick Hector is at capturing the perfect shot while giving you invaluable direction!

Amie, Student/Fitness Professional
I decided to do a shoot with Hector after my first baby. I had felt very unattractive when I was pregnant and after I had the baby I lost my body confidence. I felt I lost a part of being 'me', and I felt like I could not look sexy as I was a new mum. I know that sounds strange, but I think new mums out there might relate.
I was nervous about the shoot as I was feeling self conscious about my body but Hector is an absolute gentleman. His professionalism and knowledge with photography is amazing. I trusted in his creative judgement and when I seen the finished pictures, it was a 'Wow' moment! They looked absolutely beautiful. I finally felt like the old me again. The old me who was not afraid to be sexy. I gained so much confidence after the shoot. I showed my pictures to my family, friends and my partner. Everyone agreed they were fabulous. My partner in particular! He loved how doing the shoot gave me some of my confidence back and even has one of the pictures in a frame in our bedroom. If you are thinking of doing a shoot to boost your confidence then Hector is the guy to do it with. He will make you feel at ease straight away, he listens to your ideas and gives you his creative experience. He has tons of costumes, props, shoes and jewellery. It is really fun to play dress up for the day! You will enjoy the whole experience but most of all you will enjoy the glamorous pictures that you will have for the rest of your life!

Sarah, PhD
The act of dressing up, draping oneself in silk and velvet, and staring provocatively into the lens, is on the one hand quite a liberating experience, be the end results for oneself or a gift for another. However, on the other hand, assuming the various poses while addressing the camera, may seem daunting. Yet, each and every time I have worked with Hector personally, or been present at a shoot of a friend, he not only assures the most timid of models, while deftly taking her through the various technical aspects of a photo shoot, but he also has a unique ability to draw out a confidence from within a woman, which not only reflects her sensuality but also her natural beauty.

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Susan, Visual Display Artist
"Fantastic day spent with Hector.... He really knows how to make a woman look and feel her best, the experience was very empowering to me.... Went in the door feeling a little self conscience and left on a real high, full of confidence! Totally recommend this photo shoot!"

Sinead, Model, Massage Therapist
Hector and I have had two shoots together so far, and I have been absolutely delighted with the results! He is such a friendly and approachable person, that I was immediately put at ease when I was in the studio. His direction is very precise as he knows exactly what will make you look great on camera. The studio itself is very private and it has a lovely, well lit dressing room area. The whole experience was so much fun; from picking outfits (from his extensive wardrobe of amazing clothes and shoes!) to being in front of the camera. Hector is completely professional throughout, while also making you laugh the entire time. I would highly recommend working with Hector, it is always a delight and fantastic images are guaranteed!

Vanessa, Event Co-Ordinator
Since my first photoshoot with Hector Heathwood,I had a great feeling of comfort and a sense of fun with a very relaxed atmosphere whilst maintaining the highest level of professionalism. Six years later,I feel the exact same only now I am fortunate enough to call him a friend. Through my photoshoots I found a confidence in myself I didn't know was there. I also set up my own modelling page,using these photos,drawing the attention of other photographers wanting to work with me and I even got a shoot with an Irish clothes line after they viewed my photos. I cannot recommend enough,try for yourself

Santina, Business Development Manager
What can I say about Hector Heathwood? Where do I start?
I had admired his work for many a year from a distance never dreaming I could be part of it. When I was invited to shoot with him I felt so out of my league. I had seen the beauty he portrayed in his pictures and didn't for a moment think I could match up. But Hector has an uncanny ability to see beauty in you that you don’t even see in yourself. I walked terrified into this unfamiliar room, not knowing what was ahead of me and within moments I was laughing and completely relaxed prancing around in a pair of stunning shoes from his collection with a cup of tea in hand. His professionalism, encouragement and cheeky charm made me feel like a silver screen siren who could melt the heart of any man. Hector doesn’t just create beautiful pictures, he creates a safe, professional environment that allows every woman face her fears and body conscious issues and reign victorious as a queen. Thank you Hector. You have my love and admiration always. XXX

Rachel, Marketing Professional
This was my first time doing a shoot like this and I was a bit nervous. But After 5 minutes I felt completely at ease. Hector made me feel very relaxed and guided me throughout the shoot to get the best most flattering shots. He also listened to my feedback and requests. Hector is really respectful and at the same time makes the shoot fun. Most importantly I loved the end result. My pictures turned out even better than I'd hoped and have given me a real confidence boost. Can't wait to show them to my other half.

Ciara, Fitness Instructor
If you have always wanted to find your inner sex goddess, or wanted to be daring and show some gorgeous skin, or you want to dress up and play a part! Or if you want to have pictures taken which will absolutely show you in your most beautiful light..... then this..... this is the man to do all of the above!
This man, Hector Heathwood, is the man who took my first pictures and from the moment that session started I was hooked!
The man is a genius! He is brilliant, talented and hilarious and will put you at your ease in next to nothing almost immediately! Or.... if your like me..... immediately Lol!
Professional to a fault, his sessions are fun, flawless, exciting, intricate, in depth and enthusiastic! He will pull you out of your head, help you get over any shyness because the man is the last person to be shy around just from his very presence! He will inspire you to be completely yourself and will help you work your angles and poses like a pro!
This is the photographer you want to take your pictures because he will make you feel like the woman you know you are but are a little afraid to show! I recommend him highly, to everyone and the sooner the better! Book him. It will be the best thing you do for yourself with lots of your clothes off!

Orlagh, Student
It was my first time and I was uber-nervous and had no idea what to do. This quickly vanished after copious amounts of tea and guidance from Hector; I've never ever looked that good. He's a magician in the lighting department. He also let's you see all the photos as you go along so you're not worrying how they look. He's incredibly courteous, there was never a point I felt awkward and he makes sure you're warm and comfortable. He is an absolute gent and very pleasant company as an added bonus.

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Sami, Wedding Planner
In 2004 I began modelling with Hector, it gave me a huge amount of self-confidence and I absolutely loved it in the years that followed. Later I had two children and became very self-conscious about my weight, I began the gym and managed to lose 6 stone yet still had huge problems with confidence. More so the lack of it!!!
In 2014 I began wedding blogging and touched base with Hector about his new business, ‘undercover’. When he asked if I'd like to do a shoot with him again I talked it over with my partner, he told me I'd be crazy not to.
When I arrived to do the shoot Hector was as amazing as he always has been. He makes you feel so relaxed and at ease and as usual 110% professional!!! I started off uncomfortable but after 15-20 minutes I may as well have been where I was in 2004!!
I was full of confidence, not once did I give my body, shape or size a second thought!!! I loved it, absolutely loved it! After I left the shoot the confidence in myself and my body grew and grew. I became a whole new woman!!!
Soon after I got my prints from the shoot and they were amazing!
Hector is a fantastic person, and photographer; I would recommend him to anyone. Just because you have had kids and your body is not what it once was doesn't mean you can't learn to have confidence in yourself, for me it was doing the shoot.
It gave me the spring in my step I needed, and it also helped my relationship. My new found confidence gave my man the nudge he needed not to loose me; I'm now an engaged lady. And happily planning my own big day.
Thank you so much Hector!!!!

LesleyAnne, Secretary/PA
That man Hector is an absolute master of his trade. Loved this fun photoshoot, highly recommend his work for anyone looking to opt for a photo fusion of pin-up, burlesque and old-fashioned Hollywood glamour. He will guide you as how best to pose to accentuate what you have and really help you to enjoy the shoot to bring out your inner performer/actress and capture some fab images ~ cannot recommend highly enough and I received all my images very promptly after the shoot! Stellar work from Hector Heathwood.

Mazey, Bartender and Mum

On a scale of 1-10 Hector is a clear 11. Beautiful images, really comfortable and fun to work with, a true gent and doesn't make a bad cuppa either. What more could you ask for?

Azaria, Performer & Event Producer

Fantstic to work with! All round good guy. True Gent!

Alex, Advertising Agency Producer
Firstly working with Hector is always a blast! I can honestly say, he is one of the most professional photographers I've worked with. And an absolute gentleman! You can expect to be put completely at ease with Hector. He'll always have a nice cup of tea ready, personal dressing area and a nice gown to put on in between set ups. I'm always blown away by the way he has captured me in pictures. You can trust that he knows exactly the best way to capture your best sides! Thank you Hector!!!!

Cara, freelance dog groomer

I had my first ever photoshoot done recently, and I'm so glad I went with Hector. I was a bag of nerves and feeling self-conscious, but within minutes of starting the shoot I was at ease. Definitely recommend him if you’re looking for your first shoot and confidence boost! X

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