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'undercover' re-launch special deals!!x

Updated: May 26, 2020

And so, after what will be three months, 'undercover' is going to re-open its studio doors. Depending on government guidelines and best advice, the date currently set for Phase Two of the 'Roadmap' is 8th June 2020.

For now our service will be restricted to Dublin only, in compliance with the 20Km travel recommendations. Social distancing and sterilisation procedures will be in place.

Obviously, like most small businesses, the current emergency has struck us very hard on the financial front, and we're keen to get back to work, while doing everything we can to maintain the safety of our customers and staff. Your bookings are needed and appreciated more than ever. For that reason we're offering some re-launch specials for bookings made before the 8th June 2020.

€50 saving on the 'Essentials' package.

€100 off the 'Print' package.

The 'Book' package will be discounted by €150.

And there's €250 to be saved on the 'Ultimate' package.

All these prices are for studio sessions booked for dates after the 8th June 2020, no matter when that is. Only the normal €100 deposit is taken at this time. For our clients who had to postpone shoots because of Coronavirus, your deposit is still held and will be honoured, and you will be charged the remainder at these special rates. We fully understand lots of people are feeling the pinch right now, so please don't feel you have to rush to make a booking.

So, finally, it only remains for 'undercover' to wish all our friends and clients, old and new, a safe journey to whatever the new normality turns out to be.x

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