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  • Hector Heathwood

A good teacher is a guide to your own path

I was just reflecting on my 20-year career in academia. During that period I lectured on and designed programmes at BA, BA Hons, and MA courses at various third level colleges.

Early on I was aware that the Greek word 'educate' means to draw out, and that brought me to a vital conclusion;

"A good teacher is simply a guide on each learner's own path!"

This is especially true in the Arts, where there are very few certainties and facts. Each person's studies will take them into uncharted territory; they must find their own way to reach the goals they wish to achieve. The job of an educator is to listen to them, raise questions that induce self-critical thought, and provide an environment that encourages experimentation.

In that way each individual finds their own destination, armed with the tools necessary to get there. They will have the courage to try new things, judge whether they worked, and find solutions when they didn't.

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