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  • Hector Heathwood

I like the idea, but it's not for me.x

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

I'm always thrilled by just how many people from all over the world follow my work. It's lovely to see reactions from every continent, and I thoroughly enjoy making content for my websites and social media. This, of course, requires time and money.

I know many of you might like to show your support by helping sponsor me to continue working on images created simply for my audience, rather than commissioned photography. I'm going to continue to produce that work, because it's what I do as a photographer. But I've been looking into ways my audience could contribute to its ongoing production.

First I investigated Patreon, which I think is a great idea, but sadly not for me. It seems there's a lot of effort involved so making it work would take up too much time.

Next thought, Paypal Donations Button, is something I may look into in the future. Again, I like it for its simplicity, but I'm a bit uneasy just asking people to give me money without any specific result.

Then a far simpler, and I hope fairer, solution came to mind: my books! If you go over to my shop page, or simply click the image, you can buy one of my publications and it will be posted to you. That way you get a lovely book full of charming images, and I get a donation without feeling I've asked for something for nothing.x

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