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  • Hector Heathwood

Your show, your audience!x

To show organisers,

The photographs you put up depicting your events serve as an advert for your next date. From a business perspective surely it makes sense that these images should be eye-catching and something somewhat out of the ordinary. It follows, then, that hiring a professional photographer gives you more guarantee of returning customers. Here's a little list of things I don't do. Look at your shows to see if you're including such pictures, and ask yourself, 'Does this make sense?' Repetitive shots, all taken from the same camera position and, usually, with the same orientation. Shots of performers from the rear, unless it's an integral part of the act. Out of focus or blurry pictures due to camera shake. Performers with their eyes closed, or pulling weird faces. Flash photographs where all the stage atmosphere has been blasted out. So, if you want your show to look polished and professional, please don't get an unpaid, unpractised amateur to photograph it. You pay the performers, the venue and the stage-lighting and sound-mixing professionals to give your audience an entertaining and memorable night out. The images of the performances and your patrons get tagged and shared on social media by people who were at the show, their friends see those pictures and may opt to attend your next production.

Like in any business, advertising revenue, if used wisely, significantly increases sales.

I've been photographing burlesque and other shows for over fifteen years and am happy for you to view the galleries at to see what I mean.x

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