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  • Hector Heathwood

Seeing posts from Facebook pages you Like is not automatic!

When you 'Like' a 'Page' on Facebook you may see some, less or no posts from them. It's very unlikely you'll see all their posts and be able to keep abreast of what's happening with your favourites.

This is a big problem for those business 'Pages' that are trying to reach you and offer their services. But it also means you may be missing out on specials and deals, or just the news that might interest you.


As ever I find myself indebted to my good friend and social media expert Ross Waldron for this valuable information.

THE SOLUTION. To turn on 'Notifications' from a 'Page' you 'Like', 'undercover' for instance, simply hover over the 'Following' button and a dialogue box opens. Click on the 'Edit pencil' for 'Notifications' and tick the 'All posts' box. Finish by pressing the 'Done' button. Remember to do this for all your favourites.

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