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Why Some Brides Prefer Male Boudoir Photographers

Bridal boudoir photography is slowly beginning to make its way into the mainstream, just barely overlapping with wedding photography. Brides are taking sexy yet tasteful photos of themselves to compile in an album as a wedding day gift for their grooms. Because these women are posing for the camera in barely-there underthings, it makes sense that the majority of boudoir photographers are women. One would think that women would feel more comfortable being almost naked in suggestive poses with a relatively unknown woman rather than a relatively unknown man. However, it seems that there are a significant number of brides who would actually prefer to have a male boudoir photographer. But why?

Men are the target audience

Perhaps the most obvious reason why male boudoir photographers may be preferred is because they are the target audience for the photos. Since women are making these photos for presumably men, they may like the idea of a man taking the photos. This concept can be applied to photography styles as well as lighting and posing techniques; male photographers have an idea of what other men would like to see. When a male photographer is a professional, there is no need to worry about the situation becoming sexualized or uncomfortable. He is there to take the photographs requested and provide insight and expertise.

Typically, male boudoir photographers will have a female shooting assistant or makeup artist present during the entirety of the shoot to help alleviate any discomfort the client may have. This creates a comfortable dynamic in which the client has the male photographer’s point of view and expertise as well as a female present to create somewhat of a group setting rather than a one-on-one session.

Women feel sexier in front of men

Another reason why women may prefer male boudoir photographers is that they may have insecurities about their physical appearances, causing them to believe that female photographers will be more critical than males would be. Even if a woman feels comfortable with her body in front of her partner, stripping down and posing for a photographer can be a nerve-wracking experience. Women are often more able to point out minute criticisms about another woman’s body than men can, thus making a male photographer a preferred choice for those who have even the slightest insecurities about their physical traits. If a woman is predisposed to think that another woman will criticize the way she looks, she’ll probably feel more comfortable posing for a man.

In addition to feeling more comfortable showing off their bodies in front of men, some brides may be unable to feel sexy in front of a woman. With a concept like boudoir photography, it’s hugely important for the subject to be able to channel her sex appeal, femininity and beauty to create unique photos. A male photographer could be more able to bring out the sexy in her, giving her the opportunity to create sensual and thrilling boudoir images.

Professionalism makes gender irrelevant

Being a professional photographer means that you must have a certain amount of discretion, sensitivity and good judgment. Regardless of the subject of your photos, your job is to document the client in an artistic manner that fulfills the goal of the photo. Boudoir photos are meant to be sensual and intimate pictures, so a boudoir photographer by nature has to be more discreet and sensitive than a wedding photographer or travel photographer. Thus, if a boudoir photographer is truly a professional, the gender becomes completely irrelevant. As with hiring any other photographer, the client should choose the person she finds to be most qualified to create the images she wants whether or not he happens to be a man.

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