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  • Hector Heathwood

Some sound advice!x

Unusually, this post is for the guys out there.

Christmas is coming and some of you might be considering getting a boudoir style photo-shoot for your partners, or maybe they're gonna surprise you with one as a present.

Unfortunately Irish men aren't too good at paying their women compliments so here's some tips on how to react to the piccies.

Things NOT to say:

Is that really you?/Who’s that?/I don’t believe it.

It’s amazing what Photoshop can do.

That photographer must be a genius./Must have a great camera.

Things to say

Wow! That’s exactly how I see you.

Gimme another look at those.

I’m so proud of you.

Let’s go upstairs. Now!

You can thank me later. Obviously I'd like you/her to book the shoot at but have a good look at what's on offer out there.x

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