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  • Rene Soliz

Models/pin-up advice from Delicious Dolls magazine.

Modeling/Pinup Tips

7 September 2015 at 20:26

We receive many messages from ladies looking for some guidance in getting into the pinup scene. Others looking for those first steps to get into modeling. While we're not a modeling agency, we have worked with hundreds of gals and can provide some general guidelines to help some ladies get pointed in the right direction. See our recommended guidelines below to help you take those first steps and hopefully help you improve your photo shoots as you progress.

  1. Portfolio: One of the most important items when trying to get into modeling is building a high quality portfolio of your work. As you shoot, you will be tempted to post anything and everything to your portfolio and on social media. But remember, your portfolio is what potential employers see as representative of what you can bring to a project. It's good habit to always post only your best work to your professional model/image portfolio. Same as you would list only your best qualities on your resume.

  2. Make Up and Hair: Knowing how to do your own makeup and hair is a huge asset for any model. This can save you lots of time and money in the long run. If you are wanting to learn to do your own MUAH (makeup and hair), YouTube is an excellent resource for lots of great videos. Lots of the top pinup gals are on the site doing easy to follow, step by step tutorials. A definite must research for pinup gals. And if you are going to go to the trouble of doing your makeup and hair, don't forget that final little detail of getting your fingernails done!

  3. Good Photographers: Can't stress enough to shoot with GOOD photographers that get you those nice, high quality images your portfolio deserves. You may have to pay for some shoots, but in the end, if you are serious about your portfolio, it's worth the investment. You can also find some great up and coming photographers that are looking to build their own portfolios and are looking for models to shoot for free as well. Check out This is a great model and photographer networking site. The site allows you to search your local area for like minded photographers who are willing to work for TF (trade) sessions. Be selective, be careful, and always check for references.

  4. Facial Expressions: The hardest pinup detail to master in our opinion are the facial expressions. So many people underestimate this small but very important detail. A good facial expression can make or break a shot. But don't take our word for it, just look at your favorite vintage and retro paintings from the 40's and 50's and look at their facial expressions. They're fun, cheesy, and sexy all in one. Just research Gil Elvgrens work to get some great examples of pinup perfect facial expressions. Look at their expressions and practice, practice, practice, and then practice some more!

  5. Posing: While modeling might look easy, it's not. Trust us, we know from firsthand experience. Some gals have that natural ability to pose. For most, it does not come naturally. Practice, practice, practice finding your best angles and sides in front of a mirror. Think of creative positions for your hands, arms, and legs. Lengthen your body at all times. The standard expression of shoulders back, butt out, point your toes, and arch your back, should be burned into memory. We're looking for exaggerated curves and bigger than life expressions. Every gals got an inner pinup, you just have to find her.

  6. Wardrobe Details: This is very important to nail that perfect retro or vintage pinup shot! Look for good retro styled wardrobe, dresses, and lingerie. Cuban heeled stockings are a must to achieve that retro feel. Same with a good metal clasp garter belt. Spend a little more for pieces that will last. Invest in items that match your style and personality. Some gals shoot sexier, some more conservative. Pick pieces that you feel comfortable and sexy in. You know what you look good in. Work around that style and incorporate vintage pieces. A great set of heels are always a must. Here's where we differ from most of the purist. We prefer to see 5-6" heels in shoots instead of the more period correct 2-3" heels. We just feel this gives the images a sexier vibe all around. But buy shoes that fit your style best. A flower or bandanna in your hair rounds out the look!

  7. Props: A good retro prop always adds to the final image. Whether it be a parasol, milkshake, military props, or even a full built set or location. All these little details add something to a final shot. As a magazine, we prefer to see location shots or built sets in images. They just add that extra pop to a shot. But even colored paper shots can pop with the right props.

Being a good pinup model takes practice, drive and hard work. It can be fun, empowering, and a great self confidence builder. Have fun with it and you'll create memories for a life time. We hope these tips help. Thanks.

Rene Soliz

Publisher - Delicious Dolls Magazine

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