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Who can do an ‘undercover’ shoot?

Anyone over the age of eighteen, Hector has long experience of working with women of all ages and body shapes. The pictures are of you and when you feel confident and relaxed it will show in the images.

Can I bring a friend along to the shoot?

Absolutely, but make sure they’re aware of what you’re there to achieve and are comfortable with it. It can make you self-conscious and inhibited if you feel they’re awkward during the shoot.

Who will see the final images?

Only you, and those you choose to show them to. This is a professional photo service so your privacy is absolutely assured at all times. ‘undercover’ makes no further use of the images for any purpose but our Agreement gives you written permission to use the photographs in any way you see fit.

What’s the difference between your service and a makeover or boudoir shoot?

Our photo shoots are tailored specifically to you and your look. In that respect there is less reliance on heavy make-up or props and sets. Hector Heathwood will bring his experience to your needs and wants to create stylish and sexy images, done with taste and imagination.

Are there any further charges?

All our package prices are fully inclusive and there are no hidden extras. A make-up artist can be engaged separately for your shoot, if you feel one is required, and will charge on their own behalf. If you’re used to doing your own make-up for going out that’s usually fine for the shoots at ‘undercover’.

What clothes/lingerie should I bring along?

We’d suggest you bring along some outfits you’ll feel comfortable in, and that will entice your partner. Some brides have brought along the lingerie they will wear on their wedding night so the photographs can lead up to a dramatic revelation.
There are some outfits at the studio so please bring a flesh-coloured Gstring for hygiene reasons. And your favourite dressing gown will keep you warm and modest in between shots. High heels will enhance your figure and posture, right up to the neckline. The higher the better.

How long does it take to get my prints?

The print package is usually completed within 7 working days, while the book package takes a little longer. Commonly returned within 2 weeks but please allow up to 21 days for delivery as these are made by an external company.

I see a lot of your pictures in the media, will mine be used this way?

Absolutely not. All the images used to promote ‘undercover’ are taken from Hector Heathwood’s personal portfolio site and the subjects give their full, written permission for them to be used in this way.

Can I have my shoots in the evening or after work?

Mostly ‘undercover’ shoots are carried out in the afternoon. They can be booked for early evening, but we don’t recommend coming to the studio after work as you’re likely to be tired and it all feels a bit rushed. 'undercover' is very happy to take bookings for weekends and Bank Holidays.

Where is ‘undercover’ based?

'undercover' has a new studio, based in a lovely Georgian house in Rathmines, Dublin. It's served by several bus routes at the end of the road, and has plenty of on-street parking which is free at weekends.

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