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  • Hector Heathwood

Things are changing!x

I've noticed recently that over half my bookings come from men. Gents arranging shoots for their wives, partners or significant others to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary. Or, maybe, just because.

This is most encouraging. It's not so very long ago that many ladies coming to my studio would tell their partners I was gay to assuage their doubts about the process. But that seems to have changed significantly in recent times, now it's the men themselves wanting to see their ladies sparkle and shine out from my photographs.

So, well done to all the guys out there who want their woman to look and feel confident, special and radiant, to see them in all their glorious glamour. And to let them know that this is how they see them, every day! Of course, congratulations, too, to the ladies who bring their look to the pictures I create. Letting their femininity and sensuality glow out from the images.

I always look forward to the happy reactions of both parties when they view the final results, it's lovely to see how they feel about each other clearly in their eyes and on their faces.x

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