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  • Hector Heathwood

New term coming!

A quick message of support to all the educators out there. We all know that the academic year is about to kick off again at colleges and schools. We also know there'll be the usual politics and back-stabbing associated with this most noble of professions.

We've all had them; the administrators who don't know what your job is, and the line managers who don't have a clue how to do theirs. But there is one group that will appreciate your efforts and always value what you did for them. Your learners.

Never underestimate what you do for them, they don't! As you help them along on their path to achievement and growth you're the one they're going to remember. Your willingness to share and impart your knowledge and experience is what they'll think of when they recall their days in academia. You'll hear from them, or of them, and see that what you did for them enriched and broadened their lives in so many ways.

Think back to your own school or college days, who do you remember? What did they give you by being open to your ideas and helping bring them to fruition. Now those memories will be of you, and your practice, and your dedicated, diligent support.

Have a great year, I applaud you all.x

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